Gut Day Program – December 5th 2019

Lecture hall 4 (Collegezaal 4)

08:30-09:00    Registration

09:00-09:10    Welcome by Max Nieuwdorp and Joost Wiersinga

09:10-09:55    Keynote Lecture Dusko Ehrlich “Microbiota analyses techniques: from past to present”

09:55-10:20    Coffee & tea

10:20-11:20    Platform presentations, Chair Joost Wiersinga

                           Gabriela Bravo-Ruiseco    Siliconinclusionin Faecalibacteriumprausnitzii: a survival mechanism?

                           Prokopis Konstanti             Treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis with an elemental diet

                                                                                 is associated with changes in the microbial communities of the

                                                                                 upper gastrointestinal tract

                           Maries Lissens                     Inhibiting Salmonella EPS production is evolutionarily robust

                           Marjolein Klaassen             Anti-inflammatory gut microbial pathways are decreased during

                                                                                 Crohn’s disease exacerbations

11:20-12:05    Keynote Lecture Cyriel Ponsioen “FMT for IBD, is there light at the end of the tunnel?”

12:05-12:45    Lunch

12:45-13:30    Poster walk

13:30-15:00    Platform presentations, Chair Hermie Harmsen

                           Bastiaan Haak                      Transkingdom analysis of the intestinal ecosystem of critically ill patients on the ICU

                           Benoit Marsaux                    Application of the SHIME platform to assess the interplay between fungi and bacteria in the human gut

                           Quinten Ducarmon              The bacterial gut microbiota during controlled human infection with Necator americanus larvae

                           Matthew Davies                   Does our microbiome travel well? Microbiome resilience and acquisition of multidrug resistant bacteria in travellers

                           Gerben Hermes                    Why cross-sectional microbiota analysis do not provide consensus observations: a case for the need of temporal data

                          Poster Pitches                   Carlijn Bruggeling           Ellen De Paepe            Gianluca Galazzo

                                                                        Annelies Kers                  Jannie Henderickx       Lieven Van Meulebroek

15:00-15:30    Coffee & tea

15:30-16:30    Keynote lecture Fredrik Backhed “Microbiota in human metabolism: from bench to clinic and back”

16:45               Drinks