Location: Lecture hall 4 (Collegezaal 4)

Presentation sessions and Keynote lectures will take place in Collegezaal 4.


Amsterdam UMC, loc. AMC
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ Amsterdam Zuidoost


How to reach the AMC by public transport


Disembark at metro terminal “Holendrecht”:

  • metro # 54 when taking the metro from Amsterdam Central Station (via terminals Amstel and Bijlmer Arena) bound for Gein;
  • metro #50 when taking the metro from Isolatorweg (via terminals Sloterdijk, Zuid, RAI and Bijlmer Arena) bound for Gein.


Disembark at NS train station Holendrecht.


  • 45 from terminal Bijlmer-Arena;
  • 120 from terminal Utrecht CS;
  • 47 from terminal Bijlmer-Arena;
  • 126 from terminal Mijdrecht;
  • 155 from terminal Almere Stad;
  • 378 from terminal Edam;
  • 153* from terminal Almere-Buiten;
  • 379 from terminal Hoorn;
  • 328 from terminal Almere-Haven;
  • 375 from terminal Purmerend (only during rush hours);
  • 376 from terminal Purmerend;
  • 377 from terminal Purmerend.

www.ns.nl or www.9292.nl


The parking areas around Amsterdam UMC, location AMC are numbered.

The P1 area is intended for patients visiting the outpatient clinic or the OBC (Research and Treatment Centre). AMC Day Centre patients and patients reporting for admittance to the hospital can use the P2 area.

The P2 area is open to patients from Monday to Friday. On workdays the P2 area is also available to visitors. As you drive into the AMC grounds, follow the directions P1 or P2. If the P1 area is full, you will be redirected to P2. The hospital, outpatient clinic and AMC Day Centre are all signposted.

Car park areas P3 to P6 are for AMC staff only.

Parking ticket and payment Parking is charged at a basic rate of €3 for the first three hours. The parking rate after that is €0.50 per half hour. Please take your parking ticket with you as you leave your car. Ticket machines are situated at the various exits.