Finding the trees in the forest

It is often a challenge for Principal Investigators and commercial partners to find the trees in the forest. Accurate interpretations in the dense forest of DNA sampling data requires teams equipped to expertly analyse state-of-the-art bioinformatic sequencing output. Not an easy task. The full-service consultancy provided by the multidisciplinary team at Microbiota Center Amsterdam aims to generate far more valuable data for scientists and clinicians who require a deeper and more considered approach to microbiota sequencing results. MiCA achieves this by being involved during your study set-up, through sampling and analysis, to consultancy on the final results.

The intake - a key moment for your study roadmap

The Intake is a personal dialogue aimed at gaining insight into how your study is (or could be) set up, and how microbiota research may help you with the results.

Bioinformatics - understanding biological data

Data analysis

We need to establish which microbes are present in a given sample, which features they have, and establish whether these features have an effect on your patient, or study hypothesis.

Powered by AMC: The origins of Microbiota Center Amsterdam

A solid heritage within Amsterdam's university hospital AMC make MiCA a well-qualified center to guide your project to success.