Step-by-step interdisciplinary guidance for researchers, clinicians and other scientists in order to establish the relevance of sample set data

The description of microbiota is perhaps the most signicant breakthrough in modern medicine. Thanks to the revolution in gene sequencing technology one can now generate large amounts of data from samples of gut microbiota. But generating data is one thing, interpreting and analysing it, in harmony with your clinical study, is quite another. The Microbiota Center Amsterdam is at the forefront of this field and sets itself apart from commercially-oriented “sample testing shops” by providing scientists with multidisciplinary consultancy and study guidance. MiCA’s team includes microbiologists, medical biologists, bioinformaticians and clinicians to help you from study set-up through analysis to interpretation and conclusions.

1. Intake

Pre-test discussion of your study and its parameters

2. Data

Generating sample data and principal component analysis

3. Interpretation

Bioinformatic extraction of the correct information

4. Report

A tailor-made report based on our findings