Our microbiota experts are ready to help you

What is your hypothesis, and how can you best set up your study in order to generate a set of microbiota analysis results, and what exactly should be analysed? Should you perhaps include fungi in your study, as well as bacteria? What does the resulting data tell us? These questions and more are answered by MiCA’s team of experts: all dedicated scientists at the forefront of microbiota research.

Molecular and microbiologists

Our senior researchers provide guidance and advice on your study set-up and listening to your requirements

Floor Hugenholtz, PhD, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher
Floor Hugenholtz, PhD
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher
Hilde Herrema, PhD
Assistant Professor

Sampling 16S & ITS

MiCA’s wet lab expertise prepares your samples for Illumina MiSeq sequencing of both bacterial and fungal microbiota

Jorn Hartman, Laboratory Technician
Jorn Hartman
Laboratory Technician
Theo Hakvoort, Senior scientist ITS
Theo Hakvoort
Senior scientist ITS


These experts are at the leading edge of microbiota research and combine computer science, biology, mathematics, and engineering to analyse and interpret biological data

Mark Davids, Bioinformatician, researcher
Mark Davids
Bioinformatician, researcher
Andrei Prodan, Bioinformatician, researcher
Andrei Prodan
Bioinformatician, researcher